Lethargy in Children: Why Is My Child Always Tired After Sleeping?

If your child is feeling exhausted all day or if he is waking up tired and no energy most of the time, there is a problem behind it. Most children are normally full of energy, so it is unusual for them to often experience tiredness or lethargy.
Inadequate sleep can cause your child to feel tired after sleeping.

Sleep Causes of Fatigue in Children

There are many factors that can cause your child’s tiredness or fatigue. It can be because of a busy schedule in school, feeling hungry, and the most common: not getting enough sleep at night. Children suffering from tiredness or lethargy have a noticeable drop in energy levels. Also, they might suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness. If you notice that your child is constantly feeling tired, it is a good idea to talk to a sleep expert like a dentist immediately. Continue reading the articles here to know more about lethargy or tiredness.

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