How Asthma Make Your Child’s Sleep Problems Worse

Coughing, sneezing, and wheezing that asthma can bring could make your child feel miserable and uncomfortable. Asthma affects not only your child’s performance in school, but it can also disrupt his sleep.
Your child feels uncomfortable because of sleep asthma, hindering them from sleeping.
6.2 million or 8.4% of children under 18 years old have asthma. It is the cause of 10.5 million missed school days in a year.

Causes of Asthma in Children

The exact cause of asthma is still unknown. However, several factors can trigger daytime and sleep asthma:
  • Family history
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Air pollution
  • Chlorine
  • Infections
  • Allergens (pollen, feather, animal fur, dust mite)
  • Emotions
  • Food allergies
  • Weather conditions
  • Indoor conditions
  • Exercise

Effects of Asthma on Your Child’s Sleep

Asthma also disrupts the child’s circadian rhythm or the biological functions that occur in a 24-hour cycle. When your children experience breathing problems while sleeping due to asthma, it disturbs their usual sleep patterns which may trigger nocturnal asthma. Nocturnal or nighttime asthma is very serious. It can leave your child feeling tired and irritable during the day that can affect this overall quality of life and can make it more difficult for him to control his asthma symptoms. To know more about symptoms, remedies, and asthma treatments, read the articles here.

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